X Contemporary produces art fairs, organizes exhibitions, and provides curatorial and art advisory services. Using every possible resource, its mission is to: create meaningful and unexpected experiences in the art world; present compelling narratives that slow down how we view art; and emphasize education and art historical context within the greater vision of the market. Through the combination of these efforts, X Contemporary works to create a lasting relationship with art.

After assisting in X Contemporary’s Wynwood launch in 2015, in 2016 Crystal Curtis stepped into the role of director and spearheaded the fair’s move to Miami Beach. Under Curtis’ leadership, the fair renewed its emphasis on educating and creating art historical context within the greater vision of the market.

X Contemporary Team

Crystal Curtis, Executive Director

20160818_XContemporary_425Crystal Curtis is an internationally exhibited visual artist, professor of contemporary art, and the Executive Director of X Contemporary. A passionate educator and entrepreneur, Curtis is dedicated to creating context for people to better understand the relationship between modern and contemporary art. When she helped launch X Contemporary in 2015, she channeled her creative energies into the exploration of innovative, timely exhibition models that deliver unexpected experiences and create lasting relationships with art. In 2016, as the sole owner of X Contemporary, she continues to build a community around shared ideas. Originally from Southern California, Curtis earned an MFA at NYU, where she taught before joining the faculty of LIM College in 2006. 

Michael Klein, Consulting Curator

20160818_XContemporary_309Michael Klein is appointed to spearhead this year’s historic exhibition, following the success of his presentation Grace Hartigan (1960-1965): The Perry Collection in X Contemporary’s debut edition, Miami 2015. 

Klein has more than 35 years of working in the arts industry.  In the 1970s, he was the first dealer to buy Robert Longo, Cindy Sherman, and Laurie Simmons.  In the 1980s he was the first dealer to buy Peter Schuyff, Richard Prince, Haim Steinbach and Christopher Wool.  And in the 1990s Klein bought the first Damien Hirst sold to an American.  

His gallery presented a wide variety of artists from the painters Pat Steir and Dona Nelson to the more conceptual based works of Matt Mullican, James Casebere and Beverly Semmes and the sculptors Jene Highstein, Jackie Ferrara and Rita McBride.

Klein is also known for innovating the curator’s role during his tenure managing the Microsoft Art Collection in Redmond, WA from 1999-2005, where he directed art acquisitions, commissions, collection management, and an education program for the company’s 50,000 employees.

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Tom Guldberg, Commercial Director

Tom Guldberg is known as a leading think tank emissary and global communication networks expert.  He is also an arts patron based in Oslo, Norway. 

Maria Dominguez, Event Manager

Miami’s favorite on-site production manager Maria Dominguez returns for X Contemporary’s second edition.  One of the most important experiences an art fair can provide its exhibitors is security and peace of mind from installation to break-down.  Dominguez runs major festivals throughout Miami’s event calendar as one of the principal owners of Operations and Production Management (OPS).

If you are a dealer, patron, or collector dedicated to working with today’s hardest working artists, and bringing historical and social context to the international art scene in Miami, please send us a note at crystal@xcontemporaryart.com